How To Calculate The Shipping Fee Before Completing Your Orders?

Written by LinkDelight Saturday, 18 April 2009 06:13

Shipping Rates are automatically calculated before going to checkout procedure. The easiest way to find out about Shipping Rates is clicking the "Calculate Shipping" link blow product price in the product browse page, for multiple items you can adding them to your "Shopping Cart" and then clicking "calculate shipping button" to view the total shipping of the items, also you can view the shipping cost again in the shipping part of "Checkout" procedure. Then clicking the "Calculate Shipping" link.

About the combined shipping fee for multiple items.
Our shipping cost is calculated according to the total weight of the products in an order, no mater how many you ordered, if the total weight of items in the same weight interval, for example 200g ~ 300g, the shipping rate is the same, so that you can get the thrifty shipping when you order multiple items.

Note: this calculates combination is subject to the case of total order weight is below in 2kg.

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