Which Payment Methods does Linkdelight Accept ?

Written by LinkDelight Friday, 25 April 2008 11:13

PayPal Payment

All PayPal payments must be made from a verified account with a verified shipping address. We understand that a verified address is not always possible; therefore we may accept payments with unverified addresses, depending on the outcome of our credit assessment.

By submitting a PayPal payment without a verified address, you agree that we may carry out a credit assessment (at no cost to you) to establish if the payment is a risk. The procedures and standards of the scoring system cannot be disclosed.

There are several scenarios in which we would immediately refund/reject your PayPal payment. They are:
- If your PayPal account is unverified
- If your shipping address is unconfirmed AND your PayPal account is less than one month old AND your email address is not a business email address of a well known company.

All other cases (such as unconfirmed addresses) will be assessed individually and a security delay may result with some of the payments.

You can avoid delays, by verifying both your PayPal account and your shipping address held by PayPal. This way, your item will be dispatched immediately and without delay.

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