Register Airmail Upgrade to Express Mail – Only Plus 15 Dollars

Written by Linkdelight Saturday, 04 December 2010 11:35

As you know we only offer international express mail on some specific items (eg. the tripod) or to some specific countries (eg. Russia, Brazil etc.) helps to ensure timely, accurate and secure delivery. The Express Mail cost is also higher than normal mail.


Now we would like to offer a "RATE" service - Register Airmail upgrade to Express Mail. You can use this service by only plus $15.00 dollars(on the basis of register airmail fees). This service covers all countries that we have shipped to by Register Airmail. For avoiding the coming Christmas holiday Air Mail delivery rushes, it is a good choice.


This service has requirement below:

* Total weight of single order between 0.5kg and 2kg – if weight over 2kg or below 0.5 kg the difference cost between Express Mail and Register Airmail is much higher.

* Note: The US$15.00 dollars doesn't include the Remote Area Fee that might be charged by the carrier. If your address is belong to the DHL remote area (check link:, additional fees will be charged.


For upgrade to Express Mail you can get below service

* The fastest way to send packages.
* Delivery to most destinations 365 days a year – even Sundays and holidays.
* Free tracking information.
* Only 3- 7 days delivery to most destinations.
* Signature proof of delivery upon request.


How to Update

When you click "Checkout" button in shopping cart to enter the order process, at the second step of check out process, you will see an area for selecting shipping method, there will be a check box below when accord with condition of “RATE” service, by switching the state of the check box, you can update to "Express Mail" from default delivery method- Register Airmail.

Register Airmail Upgrade to Express Mail – Only Plus 15 Dollars

How to view your order weight?
You can view your order weight below the "Tax Total" in the shopping cart to check whether the order accord with this "RATE" (Register Airmail to Express Mail) upgrade service.



Countries and Price Difference that subject to "RATE" service.

When you decided to upgrade to Express Mail, the amount you need to plus at the base of Register Airmail in below table.


Shipping DestinationPrice Difference
* United States
* Canada
+ US$15.00
* Australia
* New Zealand
+ US$15.00
* Austria
* Belgium
* Czech Republic
* Croatia
* Denmark
* Finland
* France
* Germany
* Greece
* Hungary
* Ireland
* Italy
* Luxembourg
* Malta
* Netherlands
* Norway
* Poland
* Portugal
* Romania
* Spain
* Slovakia
* Slovenia
* Sweden
* Switzerland
*United Kingdom
+ US$15.00
* Indonesia
* Japan
* Korea, South
* Malaysia
* Philippines
* Singapore
* Taiwan
* Thailand
+ US$15.00


Note: Other countries that only ship via Express Mail or orders shipped via Air Parcel method are excluded in the "RATE" service.






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